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PPE Manufacturing and Distribution

PPE Manufacturing and Distribution

During the period of April 6 – June 12- 2020, Raymon Company produced and distributed a total of 25,983 free non-medical fabric masks, 2,470 plastic face shields and 2,310 aluminum mask spacers.

Public distribution was done at a police station, a community college, a movie theater and a bank. 17,605 fabric masks were distributed through these locations. 69 cities, churches, businesses, schools, associations, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals and government agencies accounted for another 6,460 masks. The remainder of the masks were distributed to Raymon Company employees and exclusive agents.

Production of the personal protection equipment was made possible by the hard-working and dedicated production employees of Raymon Company. Education on the importance of wearing a mask and awareness of the availability of free masks was made possible by all of the media serving Marshall County.

Special thanks goes to the thousands of Marshall County and other local residents who donated their tee shirts and 100% cotton fabric for the creation of the masks.

On July 6, 2020, a small sewing operation was quietly restarted. The goal was to make an additional 5,000 fabric masks that could be given to those who could not normally afford the masks, if the need arose. The House of Compassion, Emergency Food Box, Marshalltown Christian School, Unity Point, McFarland Clinic, Marshalltown Salvation Army and the Marshalltown Police Department all received free masks during this phase of the program.

All mask materials and bindings were provided by Raymon Company.

The goal of 5,000 masks was reached Monday, September 21, 2020 and the sewing center was closed. Altogether, Raymon Company made over 31,000 fabric masks during 2020.

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